(S - serviceable, NS - not serviceable)

Note: Did not test sewer lines for leaks. 
S Meter Main Shut-Off Location: At the North side of the driveway.
S House Shut-Off Location: At the West side.
Note: The main valve is not operated due to the possibility of it leaking.
S Meter Check: OK
S Outside Hose Bibs: At the main valve.
S Water pressure: 60 PSI.
NS Sewer Cleanout: Not observed. This was common in this age house.
NA Drain Field Surface:
NA Well Plumbing:
  Type of Plumbing And Comments:
S WATER: Copper ¾" service entrance. The water is assumed to be piped under the floor.

DRAINS: Cast iron and ABS plastic added on.

The piping outside the kitchen sink shows grease on the joints. It may leak. The drain for the washing machine on the South and the kitchenette in the master bedroom has too many bends, is made with small radius fittings that obstruct flow, and the slope is too low.

The washing machine has no trap and the vent for it and the kitchenette terminates in the utility shed.
Recommendation: Remove the utility area and the kitchenette, and associated piping, due the probability that they were built without a permit and need extensive repairs.
S GAS PIPE: Black iron.



Kitchen Sink: Stainless steel.

Had leaks at the tubing. Corrosion present on the faucet. The spray did not work.

Kitchenette Sink: Stainless steel. Leaks under the unit.

S Lavatories: Cast iron. Some corrosion and rust on fittings underneath.

Bath Tubs: Cast iron with a shower above. Caulking needed at the faucet trim. The enclosure is wired glass with an aluminum frame.

There is a painted Maralite surround above the tub. Some repainting is needed.

Note: Mold grows well in bathroom environments. Regular cleaning with a strong disinfectant is recommended.

NS Showers: Terrazzo pan with a crack.

Recommendation: Replacement needed.
NS Commodes: City ordinance requires that 5 gallon per flush toilets be replaced with maximum 1.6 gallon per flush model.
NS Utility Room: Inside: The laundry tray faucet leaks at the spout.

Outside Laundry Room: Removal is recommended.
NA Sprinkler System:





Hot Water Heater: 32,000 BTU/hour Size: 40 Gallons

Two galvanized 1" straps are needed to comply with State of California requirements.

The pressure temperature valve is labeled for 100,000 BTU, 210 Degrees F., and 150 PSI.

The flame shows yellow. Adjustment is needed to prevent carbon monoxide formation.

  Type: Masonry
NA Gas Starter: None.
NS Damper: Did not open well. Debris may be lodged behind it. Cleaning suggested.
S Fire Box Brick:

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